2016 X Sesquiannual Conference

tulane_tree_IMG_5116The 2016 X Sesquiannual Conference
The conference was held at Tulane University, with William Balée (Tulane University), Jeffrey Ehrenreich (University of New Orleans), and Lauren Dodaro (Tulane University) responsible for general conference organization, and Laura Zanotti (Purdue University) responsible for the academic program. We had a wonderful conference to prepare for as SALSA celebrates its 15th anniversary. We are honored to announce the new Steven Lee Rubenstein Memorial Scholarship that will support travel to SALSA conferences.

William Balée (Professor, Anthropology, Tulane University) delivered the keynote lecture on January 9th, which will be followed by the plenary dinner. We are pleased to announce that the plenary dinner took place in the 1834 room in the LBC (student center of Tulane’s uptown campus). Conference events were primarily in Dinwiddie Hall, home of the Department of Anthropology and the Middle American Research Institute, on Tulane’s campus. We continued Conversations in the Lobby, an event also in Steven Rubenstein’s memory, which is now a tradition at each of our Society’s international conferences.


Jonathan Hill (SALSA President), Laura Zanotti (SALSA 2016 Academic Program Chair), Jeremy Campbell (SALSA Secretary-Treasurer-Webmaster), and Carlos D. Londoño Sulkin (SALSA President-Elect)


Department of Anthropology
101 Dinwiddie Hall
6823 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118, USA

Pictured: MARI Opening with SALSA Members; William Balée; Meredith Dudley; Laura Zanotti, Meredith Dudely, and Lauren Dodaro; Juan Castrillon with Jonathan Hill and wife; Jeremy Campbell and Christopher Ball; Alfonso Matas; Thomas Moore and Pat Lyon; SALSA members; Jeffrey Ehrenreich Poster Exhibit; Book Display SALSA 2016; unidentified; Joel Sherzer; Jeffrey Ehrenreich, Emi Ireland, Christopher Ball and Phil Nash; Emi Ireland; SALSA members; Esther Jean Langdon; Jonathan Hill and SALSA members; SALSA members; Lauren Dorado and Sarah, Jeffrey Ehrenreich’s spouse; Carlos Londoño Sulkin; Alfonso Matas; SALSA members; Janet Chernela; William Fisher, Carlos Londoño Sulkin and Laura Mentore; Jonathan Hill; William Balée, Tony Seeger, and Pat Lyon; Carlos Londoño Sulkin; Jonathan Hill; SALSA members, including Beth Conklin; George Mentore.

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