SALSA Awards

Norm and Sibby Whitten Research Fund

The Norm and Sibby Whitten Research Fund supports pre-project travel grants for full- time graduate students in the early stages of formulating their dissertation research proposal. This Grant-in-Aid is to initiate contact and collaborative working relationships with host country institutions and scholars, as well as with local communities. This pre-project travel Grant-in-Aid is also intended to facilitate contacts with local communities and scholars in the host country for the purpose of acquiring any necessary permissions for the future research.

Preference is given to research projects in lowland South America that reflect the work and themes of Norm and Sibby Whitten, including, but not restricted to, topics such as indigenous cosmologies, ethno-aesthetics, gender, ethnic identities, interculturality, cultural transformations, and histories of the present.

Past recipients

2018 – Helen Palma ($1750) and Michael Southwood ($1750)

2017 – Lorena Franca Reis e Silva ($2,280)

Selection committee

2019 – Richard Reed, Pirjo Virtannen, James Whitaker and Giovanna Bacchiddu

2017-2018 – Richard Reed, Renzo Duin, and Esther Jean Langdon

Norm and Sibby Whitten Publication Subvention

The Whitten Publication Subvention Award is designed to assist with the publication of original monographs and peer-reviewed articles that make an important contribution to anthropological scholarship on lowland South America or to the discipline more generally. Each year and while funds are available, SALSA will offer one subvention to offset the costs of publication of a monograph.

A Whitten Grant can be applied to the following purposes: publication subvention for monographs; publication subvention for gold open access peer-reviewed articles; proofreading and language-checking of monographs and articles.

Past recipients

2018 – Daniela Fernandes Alarcon (for “O retorno da terra: as retomadas na aldeia Tupinambá da Serra do Padeiro, sul da Bahia”) and Giovanna Bacchiddu (for “Gente de Isla. Una etnografía de Chiloé”); US$2500 have been paid to each of their publishers.

2017 – There were no regular applications for this award in 2017. The Board agreed to provide exceptional awards to Hau Books for the publication of Terry Turner’s “The Fire of the Jaguar” ($5000), and to SHARE in support of their Classic Anthropology Series ($3000).

Selection committee

2019 – Minna Opas, Elizabeth Ewart and César Ceriani

2018 – Minna Opas, Elizabeth Ewart, and Luisa Elvira Belaunde

The Steven Lee Rubenstein Memorial Scholarship

The Steven Lee Rubenstein Memorial Scholarship honors the intellectual legacy of Steven Lee Rubenstein (1962-2012), whose scholarship on Lowland South American society integrates political economy and critical theory, psychoanalysis and post-structuralist feminist theory. For every SALSA conference since 2016, a travel stipend has been awarded to a graduate student, recent PhD, or precariously employed member who wishes to present their work at the SALSA sesquiannual meetings. This award  Submissions relate to the study of Lowland South American anthropology and further Rubenstein’s research agenda into contrasting systems of power, gender, shamanism, racism and/or education.
We define the term ‘graduate student’ as an individual who a) is currently enrolled in a graduate program in anthropology; b) is currently in a post-doctoral student position; or c) was awarded their most recent degree within the nine months prior to the submission date and does not yet hold a teaching post. The candidate must be the first or sole author of a paper that will be presented at the SALSA meetings and be a member of SALSA in good standing. Travel grants will not be awarded to any individual more than once.

Past recipients

2019 – Juana Valentina Nieto

2017 – Courtney Stafford-Walter

2016 –  Guilherme Orlandini Heurich

Selection committee

Janet Chernela ( and Daniela Peluso (