2019 XII Sesquiannual Conference – Vienna

2019 SALSA XII Sesquiannual Conference – Vienna, Austria

The conference wxcsm_WMW_Frontansicht_Presse_6f8652490d.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6WeWK_OnvKill be held June 27-30, 2019 at Weltmuseum Wien in Vienna, with Claudia Augustat (Weltmusem) responsible for general conference organization, and Juan Alvaro Echeverri (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Amazonia), responsible for the academic program.


The deadline to propose Individual papers, films and posters is January 31, 2019. These are the instructions and form to submit proposals:

Call for submissions

SALSA 2019 Individual Paper/Film/Poster Proposal Form

Thematic Panels

(check those which are accepting paper proposals)

  1. Urban Imaginaries in Native Amazonia: Tales of Alterity, Power, and Defiance
  2. Creating, Transforming, Transmitting… – Creative Processes in Myth, Ritual and the Everyday in Lowland South America (accepting paper proposals)
  3. Indigenous futures: anthropology of the forthcoming in native Amazonia (accepting paper proposals)
  4. The Chibchan Peoples (accepting paper proposals)
  5. Configuraciones de la violencia y del conflicto en Espacios Periféricos  (accepting paper proposals)
  6. Memorias de violencia, visiones para el futuro: perspectivas antropológicas en contextos de pos-conflicto amazónicos (accepting paper proposals)
  7. Addressing Power Asymmetries: Hopes and Experiences of New Forms of Participation and Collaboration in Lowland South America (accepting paper proposals)
  8. Cristianismos controvertidos: diversificación de los modelos cristianos y relaciones interdenominacionales en las tierras bajas de América del Sur (accepting paper proposals)
  9. Gender Reconfigurations in Indigenous Amazonia (accepting paper proposals)
  10. Native Objects, World Histories: studies of Brazilian indigenous objects in European Museums (accepting paper proposals)
  11. Emptied landscapes and stranger items: Erasures, non-relationaility and reimaginations (accepting paper proposals)
  12. Indigenous childhoods and environmental transformations (accepting paper proposals)

Independent papers (to be assigned to a Thematic Panel or Session)


Amerindian Linguistic Natures

See the Conference’s currently accepted papers (this list will be updated until February 28, 2019; final program will be published in April 2019).

naturhistorisches_museum_aussenansicht_originalMore information about the conference location, lodging and transportation, as well as the registration procedures and special events in the program, will be announced on this website.
See you in Vienna!

Photos: WeltMuseum WienWien Tourismus/Karl Thomas


–Carlos D. Londoño Sulkin (SALSA President 2017-2020), Jeremy M. Campbell (SALSA President-Elect 2020-2013), Laura Zanotti (Secretary-Treasurer 2017-2020), Claudia Augustat (SALSA 2019 Conference Organizer), Juan Alvaro Echeverri (SALSA 2019 Academic Program Chair), Glenn Shepard (SALSA Webmaster).