4.19.16 FUNAI Recognizes Four Indigenous Territories

Finally, Some Good News from Brazil

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016 (Dia do Índio), and after years of delay and political intrigue, FUNAI published official reports recognizing four indigenous territories:

  • TI Sawré Muybu in Pará (Munduruku)
  • TI Ypoi/Triunfo in Mato Grosso do Sul (Guarani Kaiowa)
  • TI Sambaqui in Paraná (Guarani Mbya)
  • TI Jurubaxi-Téa in Amazonas (vários povos)

Cacique Juarez, from the village Sawré Muybu, at TI Sawré Muybu. Photo: Joka Madruga

There have also been nearly a dozen quilombo communities in Pará, Amazonas, Maranhão that have been published/recognized in the Dário da União. While official recognition is not the end of the road–all of these territories still need to be homologized and demarcated, and must first withstand a 180 day period in which appeals can be registered–these are important milestones nevertheless. Read complete text…

On Friday, April 22, FUNAI added two more recently demarcated territories: Terra Indígena Sissaíma and Terra Indígena Murutinga/Tracajá, both of the Mura people and both in Amazonas state. Read complete text…
An overview of these recent actions is available here.

Contributors: Glenn Shepard and Jeremy Campbell.