8.8.16 Precarious situation of the Mashco-Piro: The New Yorker

MashcoPiro_HamiltonJames8.8.16 The precarious situation of the Mashco-Piro: The New Yorker

The August 8 issue of The New Yorker reports on the precarious situation of the isolated Mashco-Piro people of Peru, poised on the verge of contact. The magazine story includes photography by Aaron Elkaim. SALSA member Glenn Shepard guided New Yorker reporter Jon Lee Anderson during the expedition to Madre de Dios. In 2014, SALSA president Jonathan Hill wrote to Peru’s Culture Ministry urging that all possible actions be taken to protect the Mashco-Piro’s health, territory and cultural integrity. SALSA’s journal, Tipiti, recently published a special forum on isolated indigenous peoples of the Amazon. A recent National Geographic article on the human history of Manu Park also discusses the situation of the Mashco-Piro, and includes the spectacular photograph by Charlie Hamilton James shown here.