COVID-19 Taskforce Post Submission Form (for authorized Working Group members)

SALSA COVID-19 Working Group Submission FormCOVID-19 Working Group Post Submission Form

Only for authorized SALSA COVID-19 Working Group members

Submit your information using the form below. Fill out at least the three required fields (Title, Post Content, Post Categories) before submitting form:

  1. Title: a short (please limit to 40 characters) and descriptive title of the post.
  2. Post content: Please write a few lines explaining why the news item or the information you’re posting is important, relevant, or whatever. You could add, perhaps, a few lines or one paragraph from the document you’re mentioning. Paste here (as text) whatever relevant hyperlinks.
  3. Post categories: The post must be attributed to at least one of the following categories:
    • Covid-19 Lowland South America: Articles, News Items
    • Action Links: Funding, webinars
    • Indigenous Positions: Federations, Indigenous Declarations, Indigenous Perspectives, Indigenous News Coverage
    • Covid-19 Related Concerns: People in voluntary Isolation, environmental issues, invasions and incursions, toxicology
    • Prevention & Best Practices: Approaches, experimentation, moving forward
    • SALSA & PIAC on Covid19: Notes, statements, open letters
    • Confirmed Covid-19
  4.  Tags: Mark your posts with tags, if appropriate:
    • Names of country, region, locality
    • Names of ethnic groups
    • Names of remarkable people or organizations
    • Confirmed COVID-19 in ethnic groups.

If you need to add documents or other files, not available on the web, upload them first to Dropbox and copy the Dropbox link (right-click on the file name) in the post content box.

(Check the information already posted in the SALSA COVID-19 WORKING GROUP page, to see how the information is presented)

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