Kasia Turismo de Bienestar (SALSA Partner)

Kasia Turismo de Bienestar y artesaníasKasia
Turismo de Bienestar y Artesanías

SALSA Partner

Community-Based Tourism

XIV SALSA Biennial Conference 2023

Kasia Turismo de Bienestar y Artesanías is a community undertaking led by Kasia Morales Soria, a Murui woman of the community Nɨmaira Naɨmekɨ Ibɨrɨ, located at 11 kilometers from Leticia by road. Kasia, and her husband Walter, own a recently built maloca located at a 30-minute walk from the community in the middle of the forest. The undertaking gathers about 30 Murui and Magütá (Tikuna) women, who elaborate mochilas and other handicrafts. They also offer several community-based experiences: traditional food, preparation and consumption of ritual substances, forest treks, among others. For more information and prices, please contact them directly.

Contact information

  • Address: Comunidad Nɨmaira Naɨmekɨ Ibɨrɨ, Kilómetro 11 Vía Tarapacá
  • Contact persons: Kasia Morales and her daughter Katy Morales
  • Phones &WhatsApp: (+57) 312 506 3218; (+57) 322 846 8348

Kasia turismo de bienestar y artesanías