Maloca TIWA (SALSA Partner)

Cabildo TIWAMaloca TIWA

SALSA Partner

Community-Based Tourism and Lodge

XIV SALSA Biennial Conference 2023

Cabildo TIWATIWA (Toomomɨna-Iyaɨma-Wa’pejena: Defensores de los Saberes Tradicionales) is an Indigenous Community accessible by public transportation. They offer their communal gathering space (maloca) as a place where interested people can lodge and participate in their nightly dialogues (mambeadero), particularly in issues related to traditional health.

TiwaThe community is located 6 km from Leticia and gathers families from 9 different ethnic groups: Murui, Yucuna, Cocama, Tanimuca, Bora, Miraña, Cubeo and Inga, and also share with the Magüta (Tikuna) People. It is a group of people committed to the defense of Amazonian indigenous traditional knowledge, especially knowledge about traditional health, the protection of the territory and its biodiversity (especially birds).

The TIWA Initiative

“We offer the opportunity to families, explorers and bird lovers to live a memorable experience in our Amazonian territory, with our grandfathers and grandmothers, young people, boys and girls, with extensive knowledge in health, cultural protection, care of the territory through the wetlands and their birds. Each of the visitors will be able to live a unique experience in the vicinity of the municipality of Leticia.”


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Contact information

  • Address: Cabildo indígena TIWA, Leticia, Km6 Vía Tarapacá.
  • Contact person: Jaknessim Cuellar, Gobernador TIWA
  • Phone & WhatsApp: +57 320 899 0543
  • Email:

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