Austin Howard – Whitten Research Fund 2023-2024

Austin HowardAustin Howard

Florida State University

Winner of the Norm and Sibby Whitten Research Fund 2023-2024

Exploring Inter-Ethnic Marriage Dynamics: A Study of Family Foundations and ‘ethnic’ entities in Iquitos, Peru

My project will investigate the union and diversity of culture and how various Amazonian peoples perceive themselves and others. This portrait will be painted with interviews with pupils at children of multicultural matrimony, their parents and the larger communities as to how communities are formed and how cultures spread, identities arise and individuals navigate these roles. My field-sites are the communities in the environs of Iquitos, Perú and further afield as the project develops, in collaboration with speakers of Kukama-Kukamiria, Kichwa, Shawi and Awajún, amongst others.

About Austin Howard

Austin Howard is a doctoral student, researcher and instructor at Florida State University and former research assistant at Leiden University (Universiteit Leiden).

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