Felix Uhl – Whitten Research Fund 2023-24

Felix UhlFelix Uhl

Philipp University Marburg

Winner of the Norm and Sibby Whitten Research Fund 2023-2024


Shaping Worlds through Music: Huni Kuin Music as the Making of Modernities and Belongings

My PhD project focuses on how Brazilian Huni Kuin of the Jordão and Tarauacá rivers use music to shape an indigenous modernity, maintaining connections to the forest and its beings as well as producing new relationships to non-indigenous audiences. In a collaborative study which comprises recording and analysing songs from diverse genres existent within Huni Kuin musical practice, I seek to understand the meanings Huni Kuin attach to the maintenance, performance, and creation of music considering a collective effort to revitalize cultural roots for upcoming generations. To assist this effort, an important part of my project is to work closely with Huni Kuin musicians and teachers in order to develop a song archive usable for musical education.

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