SALSA 2019 SALSA Membership General Meeting

SALSASALSA Membership General Meeting

SALSA XII Sesquiannual Conference 2019

Sunday, 30 June, 12:10-14:00

WMW Forum

Chair: Carlos D. Londoño Sulkin, SALSA President 2017-2020


Carlos David Londoño Sulkin

Carlos David Londoño Sulkin

SALSA is your Society! Please join us at the Membership General Meeting to provide feedback on our collective plans for the future and to catch up on SALSA’s activities over the last two years. There will be (brief) officer updates, reports on spending activities, and announcements and celebrations regarding our Whitten Fund and Rubenstein Award awardees and programs. The officers and the Board of Directors are particularly eager to respond to your queries and suggestions regarding future meeting plans, forthcoming changes in society bylaws, and our Public Issues and Actions Committee processes and priorities. We urge all members at this meeting to continue to uphold SALSA’s mission to promote ethical and sound research related to lowland South America and its peoples in these precarious times. Please contact Carlos ( and Laura ( if you wish to add a topic to the agenda.

–Carlos D. Londoño Sulkin (SALSA President 2017-2020), Jeremy M. Campbell (SALSA President-Elect 2020-2023), Laura Zanotti (Secretary-Treasurer 2017-2020), Claudia Augustat (SALSA 2019 Conference Organizer), Juan Alvaro Echeverri (SALSA 2019 Academic Program Chair), Glenn Shepard (SALSA Webmaster).