SALSA IX Sesquiannual Conference 2014

SALSA IX Sesquiannual Conference2014 IX Sesquiannual Conference – Gothenburg

The SALSA IX Sesquiannual Conference was held at theSchool of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, June 26-29, 2014. Conference organizers: Dan Rosengren (University of Gothenburg) and Carlos D. Londoño Sulkin (University of Regina), with assistance from Beth A. Conklin (Vanderbilt University) and Jeremy Campbell (Roger Williams University).

Conference Highlights

Alf Hornborg 2014 IX Sesquiannual Conference - Gothenburg

The Keynote Lecture of the SALSA IX Sesquiannual Conference, titled Persons, Things, and Perceptions in Indigenous Amazonia: Comparative Reflections on Animism, Fetishism, and Perspectivism, was delivered by Alf Hornborg (Professor, Human Ecology Division, Lund University).

It took place the second iteration of the Conversations in the Lobby, an event created in warm memory of Steven Rubenstein, with the theme “Anthropossibilities: What Can Amazonianists Bring to the Conversation?“, organized by Beth Conklin (Vanderbilt University / SALSA President)

Debate/Discussion “The legal and political implications surrounding the terms ‘uncontacted’, ‘voluntary isolation’ and ‘in initial contact’ for indigenous groups and anthropologists”. Organizer and chair: Evan Killick (University of Sussex)
Speakers: Peter Gow, Conrad Feather, Pirjo Virtanen, Vanessa Grotti, Glenn Shepard and others.

Academic Program

Program and abstracts

Published papers derived from this conference

A revised version of Alf Hornborg’s Keynote Lecture, titled “The political economy of technofetishism: Agency, Amazonian ontologies, and global magic,” was published in HAU Journal of Ethnographic Theory.

Tipiti Special Topics: The Alchemical Person (2015): This special topic is drawn from the panel “The Alchemical Person”, organized by Elizabeth Rahman and Juan Alvaro Echeverri, which took place at IX Sesquiannual Conference in the University Of Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2014.

–Beth Conklin (SALSA President), Carlos D. Londoño Sulkin  (SALSA 2014 Academic Program Chair), Jeremy Campbell (SALSA Secretary-Treasurer-Webmaster), and Jonathan Hill (SALSA President-Elect)