Terms of reference for SALSA webmaster

Terms of reference for SALSA webmaster

Approved by the Board of Directors of SALSA, January 2020.


1. There shall be one SALSA webmaster.

2. The normal period of service shall be three years, beginning on July 1st of the year of the webmaster’s election. A webmaster may serve for up to two successive periods.

3. The webmaster shall be appointed by the President, on the basis of the following process:

    • Six months before the webmaster’s period of service is due, the Secretary-Treasurer will send out a call for applications for the post, including one to the current webmaster, if eligible. Only applications from active members of SALSA will be accepted. The application is to include a curriculum vitae and a short letter explaining the applicant’s qualifications for the post of webmaster.
    • The President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and current webmaster will select up to three candidates. In the process, all shall seek to ensure that the new webmaster has the technical and language expertise to perform the webmaster’s duties.
    • The Secretary-Treasurer will set up an electronic vote to poll the Board of Directors on the candidates.
    • The Secretary-Treasurer will report to the President the voting outcome. The President will appoint the elected candidate and inform the membership of the fact.

4. The exiting webmaster shall provide training, pointers, and passwords to the new webmaster, in the period leading up to the latter assuming the office.

5. The webmaster’s membership and conference fees shall be waived for the duration of their tenure.

6. The duties of the webmaster include:

    • Keeping the SALSA website up to date with conventions in professional webpages as well as regular communications about memoriams, books, awards, and other relevant SALSA news.
    • Liaising with the Secretary-Treasurer and the website platform technician to ensure the smooth running of registrations, membership renewals, and other operations that involve the website and list-serve.
    • Complying promptly with the requests from the President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Members-at-Large of the Board of Directors, Conference Organizer, Conference Academic Program Chair, and Public Issues and Actions Committee chair, regarding updates to web content.
    • Establishing and maintaining SALSA’s media presence, in consultation with the President and Secretary-Treasurer.

7. The webmaster may resign at any time; their waived membership fees shall stand, but waived conference registrations shall not. The Board of Directors may remove the webmaster at any time, with or without cause.