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Online Sources for Academic Information About Indigenous People in Lowland South America

Note: Many websites for groups listed under Advocacy Organizations & Information Resources provide educational materials. For Brazil, the Instituto Socio-Ambiental (ISA) offers extensive information about specific native communities, issues, and policies. For information on recent events, see News posts, or search by keyword in the Search box on the Home page.The inclusion of organizations and websites here does not imply any formal endorsement of these groups nor of the political perspectives or positions that they advocate.

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  • Scientific Electronic Library Online: A portal for a wide variety of international scientific journals, presented in full-text form and free of charge. Focuses on Latin American journals. Of interest to SALSA members will be Brazilian journals Horizontes Antropológicos; Mana-Estudos de Antropologia; and Revista de Antropologia Social; and two Chilean journals, Chungará-Revista de Antropología Chilena, and Universum-Revista de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Also present is the Brazilian journal Acta Amazonica, which focuses on biological sciences but includes many articles of interest to anthropologists.
  • Índios da América do Sul: Áreas Etnográficas by Julio Cezar Melatti: An exceptional site containing information on each of the ethnographic areas of South America, with descriptive texts, maps, lists of ethnic groups with populations, bibliographic references, and lists of relevant websites.
  • Diccionario Etnolingüístico y Guía Bibliográfica de los Pueblos Indígenas Sudamericanos: An amazing website. Aspires to be a comprehensive bibliography of the anthropology of South America. Organized by language family. A great resource for scholars interested in lowland South America.
  • Etnolingüística: Línguas indígenas da América do Sul: Dissertations, theses, articles, and directory of researchers on native languages of South America.GenderAmazonBib rev
  • Panoan Bibliography: Aspires to be a complete bibliography of sources relating to the Panoan language family. Contains more than 2000 entries.
  • Gender in Amazonia Bibliography: A bibliography of resources that describe and analyze gender and gender relations among peoples of the tropical lowlands of South America.
  • Bibliothèque Sharanahua: A website operated by Sharanahua specialist Pierre Déléage, containing a link to his thesis, essays, translations of Sharanahua and Yaminahua songs, audio files, and links to further information. The site is mostly in French but also includes materials in English and links to materials in Portuguese.
  • Série Antropologia–Universidade de Brasília: The series of anthropology publications of the Universidade de Brasília. Over 300 articles and monographs available in pdf form. By following the links at the top, one may also access four doctoral and twenty master’s theses.
  • Projeto Amazone: A wiki site focused on the conceptual imagination of indigenous Amazonian cultures, containing contributions of great interest by anthropologists specializing in this theme, including Eduardo Viveiros de Castro.
  • Journal de la Société des Américanistes: One of the top journals on the anthropology of the Americas, publishing numerous articles and book reviews on lowland South America. The website covers the past five years. The 2001 issues are online in full-text form. For 2002 to 2005, the site provides access only to the abstracts of articles, but gives full-text access to book reviews, research reports, obituaries, and the reports of their “information group on Amerinidians.” A very useful website for keeping track of current research on lowland South America.
  • Julio Cezar Melatti’s website: Includes a course on indigenous mythology, several books on the Kraho, book reviews, and articles.
  • Sustainable Amazonia Bibliography: A bibliography of articles, books, and reports concerning sustainable development and conservation in Amazonia. Many articles are available in pdf form.

Field Schools

  • Andes and Amazon Field School: A private entity devoted to interdisciplinary teaching and research on Ecuador’s Amazonian region. Founded in 1999 by Ted Swanson, it was formerly a study abroad program for Arizona State University.  Courses offered include Kichwa language, ethnobotany, anthropological linguistics, and field methods.

Advocacy Organizations 

The inclusion of organizations and websites in this list of advocacy organizations does not imply any formal endorsement of these groups nor of the political perspectives or positions that they advocate. To suggest changes or additions, write to the SALSA webmaster.

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