Exhibits by SALSA Members

Exhibits by SALSA Members

The Forest of Mirrors

Stine Krøijer, University of Copenhagen, 2019

Exhibit proposal Kroijer.Stine.IMAGEForest of Mirrors is a photo exhibition consisting of 6 images, 3 short texts and one video (Point of view, 4 min), which the public will be able to watch on a small screen (provided with headphones).

This exhibit is the result of a collaboration between anthropologist Stine Krøijer and photographer Mike Kollöffel. The material was generated through fieldwork in the Ecuadorian Amazon between 2014 and 2017, and it visually conveys the relationship between nature and culture in light of Sieko-Pai cosmology. Forest of Mirrors explores the aspects and patterns of landscape that emerge when a forest mirrors itself in black water lagoons on the Amazonian border between Ecuador and Peru. Forest of Mirrors invites the spectator inside an animated landscape and hence a different perception of nature where humans, animal and spirits hold a common anthropomorphic essence (culture) that displays itself in different forms (or natures). In this sense, the mirrors establish a dialogue between different points of view.

Photograph: © anthropologist Stine Krøijer & photographer Mike Kollöffel

Curt Nimuendajú’s Photographic Legacy of the Indians of the Rio Negro in 1927

Renato Athias, curator (2013)