William Fisher: Editor of Tipití 2017-present

William Fisher

William Fisher

College of William and Mary

Editor of Tipití 2017-present

Ex-Officio Member of the SALSA Board

William Fisher‘s interests center on the way changes in environment, social relations and minds occurs and how these are understood and described by social actors in ways that feed back into a matrix of biophysical and meaningful causality. Within this broad framework, I have published research on gender relations, ritual, and social movements. My book, Rain Forest Exchanges, on the extractive industries and the indigenous Xikrin-Kayapo of the Brazilian Amazon has been used in university courses on indigenous peoples, economic anthropology, and development. Currently, I am engaged in a project to study the spread of industrial agriculture on the Amazonian frontier, with an emphasis on soybean production for the world market.

Areas of Specialization: Social organization, indigenous Amazon, political economy and history of Amazonia, ethnoecology; Brazil

William Fisher’s Institutional webpage: https://www.wm.edu/as/anthropology/faculty/fisher_w.php

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