SALSA Committees

SALSA Committees

Public Issues and Actions Committee PIACSALSA Public Issues and Actions Committee

The SALSA Public Issues and Actions Committee PIACresponds to SALSA’s primary mission to support research on lowland South America, and to promote public knowledge of this region and its astonishingly rich cultural, linguistic, and biological diversity. However many of the peoples and environments we study are imperiled, and we encourage public attention and action to address injustices, harmful policies, and human rights violations. As home to the world’s largest tropical forest, which sequesters 20% of global atmospheric carbon, the consequences of what happens in this region extend far beyond South America.

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    SALSA Publications Committee

    This standing committee of the SALSA Board of Directors serves as a resource to advise and support the Editorial team in charge of publishing the society’s journal Tipití. Its charge is to be a conduit between the Board and the Editor-in-Chief, as well as a repository for institutional memory regarding the publication history, scope, and initiatives of SALSA. Its…

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