AmaSonic is a meeting-point for accessing links of interest, news and events about sound, spoken word and musical practices in Lowland South America. This section presents a glance into the work of SALSA members who have studied vocal, sonic, aural and performative interactions, and introduces users to a variety of digital archives developed in collaboration with local communities.

This site will be composed of three main sections, which will be populating soon. Meanwhile we present the first advances of them.

Sound Repositories

AmaSonic gathers links to other websites and platforms in which users can access audio files. In some cases, users will be directed to platforms where they might register and open a private session in order to access the information. The access to all these platforms is free of change. AmaSonic respects all the protocols of these sites and encourage users to do so. See Sound Repositories!

AmaSonic News

We publish here news about books, papers, radio programs or other relevant issues by members of SALSA. See AmaSonic News

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Photography: Juan Castrillón