Teaching Lowland South America

Teaching Lowland South America Stephen RubensteinTeaching Lowland South America

This page hosts themes and links aimed to provide materials, information and inspiration for teaching Lowland South American anthropology.

As past and current bodies of literature that emerge from fieldwork among communities, villages, cities and organizations, our ethnographic and theoretical contributions to anthropology are significant. We hope to capture the wealth and range of our contributions by suggesting topics that can contribute toward various forms of pedagogy.

We are in an initial process of gathering information to populate this page. We welcome:

  • Views and/or experiences about teaching on Lowland South America you wish to share
  • Materials you would like to contribute: syllabuses, notes, exercises, assessments, slides.
  • Information on field schools

We also welcome ideas about what you would like to see addressed on this page, and any other pedagogical thoughts.

Teaching resources on lowland South America anthropology

Teaching courses on lowland South America anthropology: We publish here the answers to 22 research questions and conversation topics posed to seven anthropologists dealing with the topic of teaching courses on the anthropology of peoples of lowland South America.
Syllabi of courses on Lowland South America Anthropology: You will find here syllabi of courses on anthropology of lowland South America, volunteered by SALSA members.

Other resources

Online Sources for Academic Information: A selection of sites and online sources about indigenous peoples of lowland South America. See also websites for groups listed under Advocacy Organizations & Information Resources, some of which provide educational materials.

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