SALSA Scholarship

SALSA Scholarship

SALSA Scholarship

SALSA is an international society, bringing together specialists who live in Latin America, Europe, North America, and elsewhere. In these pages,  you can consult several sources resulting from the active scholarship of the SALSA members.

The Bennington Papers

To honor the memory of Kenneth M. Kensinger, SALSA presents this portal to the life and work of the legendary ethnographer, with the kind permission of Bennington College. We offer selected issues of two series of publications that Kensinger edited: Working Papers on South American Indians (WPSAI) and South American Indian Studies (SAIS).


This new page, curated by Juan Castrillón, is meant as a meeting-point for accessing links of interest, news and events about sound, spoken word and musical practices in Lowland South America. This section presents a glance into the work of SALSA members who have studied vocal, sonic, aural and performative interactions, and introduces users to a variety of digital archives developed in collaboration with local communities.

Teaching Lowland South America

This page, curated by Daniela Peluso, hosts themes and links aimed to provide materials, information and inspiration for teaching Lowland South American anthropology. As past and current bodies of literature that emerge from fieldwork among communities, villages, cities and organizations, our ethnographic and theoretical contributions to anthropology are significant. We hope to capture the wealth and range of our contributions by suggesting topics that can contribute toward various forms of pedagogy.

Books by SALSA Members

A selection of books written or edited by Members of SALSA.

Films and Exhibits by SALSA Members

A selection of films and exhibits produced, directed or organized by Members of SALSA.