Natalia Buitron: Member-At-Large 2019-2024

Natalia BuitronNatalia Buitron

University of Cambridge

Member-At-Large of the SALSA Board 2019 – 2024

Natalia Buitron is the Jessica Sainsbury Assistant Professor in the Anthropology of Amazonia in the department of anthropology at Cambridge, and she completed her Ph.D at the London School of Economics. Her research explores political subjectivities in lowland South America, specifically how broader political and economic forms interweave with moral selfhood, sociality and religion in daily life.

Her book project titled ‘Autonomy and Government in Upper Amazonia’ explores the remaking of Shuar landscapes and institutions in articulation with the modern state. Her current research connects indigenous politics and political theory to explore the plurality of indigenous sovereignties emerging from Amazonia.

Natalia is also interested and has written about the indigenous uses of scholarly and autobiographical writing, and the paradoxes of state-sponsored patrimonializing and intercultural education projects.

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