Courtney Stafford-Walter – Secretary treasurer 2024-2027

Courtney Stafford WalkerCourtney Stafford-Walter

University of Edinburgh

Secretary-Treasurer 2024-2027

Courtney Stafford-Walter received her PhD from the University of St Andrews in 2018. Her fieldwork was conducted in Region 9, Guyana, in a Wapishana community, and focused primarily on indigenous education, boarding schools, and the impact of this educational shift on Amerindian youth, their families and their communities. Her scholarship strives to situate these ethnographic particularities within the wider scope of debates about development and social change and contributes to the anthropology of education. Her work also explores indigenous knowledge and how it influences sustainable lifeways, focusing on the impact of climate change on Amerindian communities in Southern Guyana. Courtney has been a teaching fellow at the Moray House of Education and Sport at the University of Edinburgh since 2018, located within the Institute for Education, Community and Society. She has been attending SALSA conferences since the 2014 conference in Gothenburg, and she is thrilled by this nomination as well as the potential to take on a larger role in the organization and work with such a fantastic team.

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