Indígena Guarani pedindo demarcação das terras (6.12.14)

Indígena Guarani pedindo demarcação das terras A imagem que nenhuma televisão mostrou na abertura da copa: o indígena Guarani pedindo demarcação das terras

“Indígena Guarani pedindo demarcação das terras” (Translation of the beginning of article in Protuguese):

A white child, a black child, and an Indian child with a headdress entered together in the opening ceremony of the World Cup on Thursday, June 12. Television images showed the children releasing a white dove minutes before the start of the match between Brazil and Croatia. But broadcasters omitted the image of the Indian boy then unfolding a banner that read “Demarcation.”

The 13 year old boy’s banner referred to federal government’s delay in demarcating new indigenous lands in Brazil. The boy lives in the village of Krukutu in the Parelheiros region, far south of the city of São Paulo. In the village, the Indians are living in a precarious situation while awaiting the signature of Justice Minister José Eduardo Cardozo legalizing the demarcation, which will give them access to more land. With a larger territory, the Indians say, they could resume their traditional way of life.

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For more on the Guarani and their struggle for land rights, see the Comissão Guarani Yvryupa–CGY, Survival International and the Instituto Socio-Ambiental (ISA).

Guarani youth have one of the world’s highest rates of suicide.

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