Stephanie Aleman: Editor of Tipití 2016-2017

Stephanie Aleman

Stephanie Alemán

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Editor of Tipití 2016-2017

Stephanie Alemán is Courtesy Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Ethnobotany at the University of Florida and Assistant Managing Editor for Tipití: Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America. Her research interests include ethnography, anthropology of religion, medical anthropology, ethnomusicology, indigenous studies, anthropology of the body, ethnobotany, and ecological anthropology. She has done fieldwork with the Waiwai of Guyana since the late 1990s and is co-editor (with Neil Whitehead) of Anthropologies of Guayana: Cultural Spaces in Northeastern South America (Arizona 2009).

Stephanie Aleman