Karen Lorena Romero Leal winner of Whitten Research Fund 2020

Karen Lorena Romero Leal

Karen Lorena Romero Leal winner or the Norm and Sibby Whitten Research Fund 2020

Karen Lorena Romero Leal, postgraduate student from the University of Florida was awarded US$1,000 for her research:

Embodied extractivism: how women in the Amazon experience and resist extractive desires of precarious capitalism

This research aims to understand the impacts on extractive economies in the lives and bodies of Indigenous and migrant women in the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon, as well as the actions undertaken to resist them. Based on ethnographic research, this multi-sited project will explore a range of specific impacts on women, considering different levels of urban configuration and types of extractive economies. The relevance of the project centers on understanding the interplay of extractive projects, environmental degradation, and Indigenous livelihoods in intercultural contexts in the Pan-Amazonian region with a particular focus on native and migrant women.

About Karen Lorena Romero Leal

Institutional webpage: https://anthro.ufl.edu/2020/08/21/lorena-romero-leal/