Cosmology, Values, and Inter-Ethnic Contact in South America

Cosmology, Values, and Inter-Ethnic Contact in South AmericaCosmology, Values, and Inter-Ethnic Contact in South America

South American Indian StudiesNumber 2, September 1993 (File format: PDF. File size: 1.29 MB)
Editor: Terence Turner
Series Editor: Kenneth M. Kensinger


  • From Cosmology to Ideology: Resistance, Adaptation and Social Consciousness among the Kayapo by Terence Turner
  • The Carib Universe of People, by Kathleen J. Adams
  • Death Comes as the White Man: The Conqueror in Kagwahiv Cosmology, by Waud Kracke
  • Kanaima and Branco in Wapisiana Cosmology, by Nancy Fried Foster
  • Huaorani and Quichua on the Rio Curaray, Amazonian Ecuador: Shifting Visions of Auca in Interethnic Contact, by Mary-Elizabeth Reeve
  • When a Turd Floats By: Cashinahua Metaphors of Contact, by Kenneth M. Kensinger
  • Warfare and Shamanism in Central Brazil: The Xingu National Park and the Panara, by Stephan Schwartzman
  • Cosmology and Situation of Contact in the Upper Rio Negro Basin, by Jonathan D. Hill
  • Cracks in the Cosmology and Indianist Defense, by Irene Silverblatt
  • Conquest and Cosmologies, by Thomas Abercrombie
  • The Social and Cosmological Replication of the Upriver-Downriver Dichotomy in Incaic Cuzco, by R. Tom Zuidema
  • Cosmology, Value, and Power in Canelos Quichua Economics, by Norman E. Whitten, Jr.