Social Correlates of Kin Terminlogy

Social Correlates of Kin TerminologySocial Correlates of Kin Terminlogy

Working Papers on South American Indians  Number 1, 1979

Issue editor: David John Thomas

Series Editor: Kenneth M. Kensinger


  • Editor’s Preface by Kenneth M. Kensinger
  • Kathleen J. Adams. Barama River Carib Kinship: Brother-brother and Mother-daughter Identity Merging in a Two-Section System.
  • Gertrude E. Dole. Patterns and Variation in Amahuaca Kin Terminology.
  • Robert A. Hahn. Negotiated Kinship Among the Rikbakca.
  • Orna R. Johnson. Kinship Decisions Among the Machiguenga: The Dravidian System in a Small Scale Society.
  • David J. Thomas. Pemon Zeno Generation Terminology: Social Correlates.