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AcapúReserva Natural Acapú

Sightseeing and Recommended Activities

XIV SALSA Biennial Conference 2023

Acapú is a Natural Reserve that offers a tourist option composed of four dimensions: Education, Research, Social inclusion, and Cultural and environmental conservation of the Amazon

We offer exceptional tourism and educational experiences, which motivate us to continue working to contribute to building fairer, more respectful and fraternal relationships between human beings and with the ecosystem.

Experiences in Acapu

We work every day to create workshops, excursions, and travel programs according to the needs and interests of our visitors. With Acapú you can get to know the Amazon in a different way:

  • Safe: To have a great adventure you must feel good. Trips to the Amazon have risks. You can identify them and learn to manage them before, during and after your visit.
  • Responsible: Is it possible to travel responsibly? Global warming, devaluation of indigenous culture and languages, mass tourism, exploitation of resources, are some of the negative effects evidenced in recent decades. We help you to reflect and act in the face of these impacts, learning how to reduce and prevent them.
  • Participatory: In Acapú we invite you to be more than an observer behind a tourist showcase. To have an immersion in the Amazon, your participation is vital.

These are some of the activities that you can include in your travel route:


  • Birds and sounds of the Amazon
  • Femoralis Nights
  • Flora and fauna exploration
  • Astronomical observation and campfire
  • Workshop: Amazonian trapeze gastronomy
  • Workshop: Amazonian crafts
  • Reading Workshop
  • Music that feeds the soul

Contact information

Note: our travel plans have the consent of the people and families who provide care and communication services in the Amazon rainforest. The design of our plans is rigorous and personalized, always maintaining respect for the Amazonian indigenous communities, and with special attention to the treatment of children and adolescents. We operate in accordance with the law 300 of 1996 general law of tourism, and in strict compliance with the responsible tourism program to fight against exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with children and adolescents. Therefore, we reject any type of activity that threatens the life and dignity of the Amazonian society. We express our total commitment to the care, respect and protection of indigenous communities and their cultures. Under no circumstances will we allow members of the Acapú team or visitors to participate or promote actions or behaviors against this institutional manifesto.