They are not yet grown (2017)

They are not yet grownThey are not yet grown

Charlotte HoskinsUniversity of Oxford, 2017

They are not yet grown engulfs the viewer in its directed gaze, which is made vulnerable by implicating its own position. A fully visible scene is not provided, only a partial one, and yet one is placed very tightly, in close proximity. The aim is not to objectively contain but rather to experiment with a privileging of an affective dimension, evident most clearly in the achievement of familial nourishment. During the rainy season rivers flood, an infant is bathed by repetitive splashing, and cassava is harvested from forest farms. Carried to houses, it is transformed; cyanide is extracted from its tuberous roots which are reformed into staple foods. Attending to these mundane scenes privileges the sensuous knowledge of women’s intimate and daily lives. Bodies, artefacts, and substances act as devices that transform substances across scale, and are too continuously transformed – in a network of relational interdependence.

  • Director/Author: Charlotte Hoskins.
  • Producer: Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, 2017.
  • People: Makushi, Guyana.
  • Language: English.
  • Length: 00:19:50

This film was screened at the XII SALSA Sesquiannual Conference in Vienna (2019).

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