Juan Carlos Castrillón: Member-at-Large 2018-2022

Juan Carlos Castrillón SALSA

Juan Carlos Castrillón

University of Pennsylvaria

Member-At-Large of the SALSA Board 2018-2022

Juan Carlos Castrillón pursues doctoral studies in Ethnomusicology at the University of Pennsylvania. His intellectual agenda explores music and indigenous analytics about listening, bodies, recordings and sound archives. His work is primarily ethnographic, conducting fieldwork among Muslim mystics in Turkey, and Tukanoan shamans from the Northwestern Amazon in Colombia. His methods include collaborative projects for producing texts, films, digital archives, multimodal installations, and radio. He holds a Bachelor of Anthropology from the University of Antioquia, in Colombia, where he awarded a distinguished thesis prize. His most recent film REHAVI was premiered at the Musicology Department of Medeniyet University in Istanbul, and at the International House of Philadelphia in 2017. He was Penn Camra Lab’s coordinator in 2017 and his listening experiments and sonic installations have been exhibited at the Crane Arts Gallery in Philadelphia, and at the Arthur Ross Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania. Between 2014 and 2017 he participated as lecture and performer of Turkish Sufi Music for UPENN Middle East Center at multiple venues across Philadelphia. His scholarly work in ethnomusicology appears in peer-reviewed journals such as Porte Akademik, Revista Colombiana de Antropología e Historia, and Oído Pensante. Currently, he is the recipient of the UPENN Science and Arts School Hopkinson Fellowship, board member of the Society of Anthropology of Lowland South America, curator of the AmaSonic page in this website, and research assistant at the Center for Experimental Ethnography of the University of Pennsylvania.

Juan Castrillón’s Institutional webpage: https://www.sas.upenn.edu/music/people/graduate-students/juan-castrillón


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