Claudia Augustat – Board candidate 2023

Claudia Augustat

Claudia Augustat

Weltmuseum Wien, Austria

Member-at-large candidate 2023

As a cultural anthropologist I spent my professional life at ethnographic museums. Material culture is a focal point of societies. An object can tell as much about history as it can connect past, present and future. I have worked in Venezuela and Brazil and I am especially interested in collaborative work, Indigenous curatorship and the decolonizing of museum practice. I have been a SALSA member since 2007. In 2019, I had the honour (and a lot of fun) of organizing the XII SALSA conference at the Weltmuseum Wien in Austria, where I am the curator of collections from lowland South America and other regions. SALSA has become an important network for me on both professional and personal levels. The conferences are safe spaces to discuss and learn from our colleagues.  I would like to encourage more museum curators to join SALSA and I hope to inspire more colleagues from universities to work with museum collections. Together we can use museums as public spaces to reach broader audiences to express our concerns and to support Indigenous Peoples.

SALSA Elections 2023