Philippe Erikson: Member-At-Large 2011-2014:

Philippe Erikson

Philippe Erikson

Université Paris X-Nanterre

Member-At-Large 2011-2014

Philippe Erikson was associate professor (since 1996), then full professor of anthropology (since 2010), at the University of Paris Nanterre, Philippe Erikson studies Americanist ethnography. He focuses particularly on the rites, aesthetics, material culture, onomastics, and social organisation of the Pano, from the Western Amazon region.

At Nanterre, he has successively led the Department of Ethnology (2005-2009), the Doctoral School 395 (2013-2015), and then the Laboratory of Ethnology and Comparative Sociology (2014-2019). Since 2019, he has assumed the chief editor position of the Journal de la Société des Américanistes.

Passionate about comparison and empirical data, he spent 20 months with the Matis in Brazil, between 1985 and 2016, under the nickname Kiripi wasa (“Philippe the white”), and under the nickname Papa Felipe, 25 months with the Chacobo, in Bolivia, between 1992 and 2015. He furthermore spent 13 months studying various European and North-American fields, including the steel industry (1990-1991), electrical engineering (1995), and mining (2001-2003). Since 2013, Erikson has also collaborated on the SAWA project (Wayana – Apalaï Aboriginal Knowledges (French Guiana) – A New Approach to Restitution and its Implications for Forms of Transmission).

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