Tipití – Call for proposals (5-20-2024)


Call for proposals




In line with the editors’ stated aims, the publication frequency of issues of Tipití: Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America has now stabilized at two per annum. (See https://digitalcommons.trinity.edu/tipiti/all_issues.html ). It is now set to achieve our aim of being indexed, as we have two issues coming out in 2024.

In order to maintain a stable rate of publication, the Editors now invite members of Salsa to send in proposals for special issues, to be considered for publication in 2025.  In particular, we encourage convenors of the panels, workshops and events held during the 2023 edition of the XIV Salsa Biennal Conference in Leticia to respond to this call.

If you would like send a proposal for consideration, please contact the editor-in-chief at susana.viegas@ics.ulisboa.pt. In your message, please state briefly the topic and include a list of articles and authors. Each special issue should include eight articles, but proposals  with fewer articles will be considered for publication as thematic ‘dossiers’.

Please send proposals by July 15th, 2024.

We do hope you will support the journal, either as potential editor of a special issue or a dossier, or indeed through sending in your own unpublished articles.

Michael Heckenberger