The Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America (SALSA) is an independent professional association for anthropologists specializing in lowland regions of South America. SALSA’s main goals are to foster sound and ethical research and to promote the education of students and the general public on issues that we study.

SALSA is an international society, bringing together specialists who live in Latin America, Europe, North America, and elsewhere. It seeks to facilitate connections and develop exchanges of information among them, disseminate original scholarship of high quality, and encourage students to learn about and carry out research in this region. SALSA has a voting membership with an elected board of directors, by-laws, and official status as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

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The SALSA Solidarity Fund assists SALSA’s efforts to continue supporting Indigenous and traditional peoples’ participation in future SALSA conferences, make student awards, foster other activities and explore new possibilities that support our goals of furthering the anthropology of Lowland South America through intellectual and collegial exchange.

SALSA's Latest News

SALSA 2025 University of Helsinki August 3-6, 2025
UNIVERSOS CHIBCHAS, ed. J. C. Niño & S. Beckerman (2024)
Courtney Stafford-Walker – Secretary Treasurer 2024-2027
Tipití – Call for proposals (5-20-2024)
SALSA Statement Murder of Arnaldo Benitez Vargas
SALSA Elections 2024 (4-26-24)
Nehemías Pino – N & S Whitten Publication Subvention 2023
Lauriene Seraguza Olegário e Souza – N & S Whitten Publication Subvention 2023
Josephine Mullen – Whitten Research Fund 2023-24
Alexandre Aniceto de Souza – Whitten Research Fund 2023-24
Aline Oliveira – Whitten Research Fund 2023-24
Marco Ramírez Colombier – Whitten Research Fund 2023-2024
Elena Stübinger-Janas – Whitten Research Fund 2023-2024
Austin Howard – Whitten Research Fund 2023-2024
Luis Garcia Falcon – Whitten Research Fund 2023-2024
Felix Uhl – Whitten Research Fund 2023-24
Lana Gabriela Guimarães Melo – Whitten Research Fund 2023-24
SALSA 2023 Extracción, resistencia y praxis chamánica
SALSA Elections 2023 Results (1-29-24)
Laura Zanotti – President-Elect 2024-2027
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SALSA conferences
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SALSA AmaSonic
SALSA Teaching Lowland
Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America

Promoting ethical and sound research on issues related to lowland South America, its peoples and its environment

Bennington Papers

To honor the memory of Ken Kensinger, we offer selected issues of two series of publications edited by him.

Salsa conferences

SALSA conferences are among the world’s foremost venues for presenting original research on lowland South America.


We encourage public attention and action to address injustices, harmful policies, and human rights violations.


Meeting-point for accessing links of interest, news and events about sound, spoken word and musical practices in Lowland South America.

Teaching Lowland

Themes and links aimed to provide materials, information and inspiration for teaching Lowland South American anthropology.

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