XIV SALSA Biennial Conference – SALSA Membership & Conference Registration

SALSA 2023.Membership&fees

XIV SALSA Biennial Conference

Membership and Conference Registration Fees

SALSA Membership Fees

  • NA/EU/UK Professional Member: $60
  • LA/Asia/Africa Professional Member: $35
  • Student Member: $35
  • Indigenous/Traditional Member: (waived)
  • Guests and Poster Presenters (not required)

Conference Registration Fees

  • NA/EU/UK Professional Member: $200
  • LA/Asia/Africa Professional Member: $90
  • NA/EU/UK Student Member: $50
  • LA/Asia/Africa Student Member: $35
  • Indigenous/Traditional Member (waived)
  • Guests and Poster presenters$35

The deadline to pay Conference Registration Fees for presenters of papers is 15 April, 2023, for your paper to be included in the Academic Program. For presenters of posters, films and exhibitions, the deadline is April 30, 2023.

Guests are persons invited to the conference as listeners or assistants by an active SALSA Member. They only pay $35 Conference Fee (via PayPal).

Professionals and Students who want to attend the conference (to audit, not presenting) must become SALSA Members and pay Conference Registration fees according to their category.

Indigenous/Traditional Participants’ fees are waived. They do not need to do anything.


Payment Method

Professionals and Students (either presenters or not) must pay SALSA Membership and Conference Registration Fees via Club Express.

If you encounter payment problems, please contact Dana DeLoca (danadeloca@gmail.com) and Simone Athayde (salsa.sectreas@gmail.com), SALSA Secretary-Treasurer.


SALSA Club Express Registratijon


Go to the SALSA Club Express website. You will be directed to the page shown on the image, or will be prompted to login if you have not yet logged in. Follow the instructions on the page to complete your payment.

Only Guests and Poster Presenters pay via PayPalhttps://paypal.me/SALSAAnth. Please write your name and reference of the payment: guest / poster presenter.  If asked, you should cite the following email: salsa.sectreas@gmail.com.

Please send a copy of your receipt or confirmation to salsa.sectreas@gmail.com.

–Jeremy M. Campbell (SALSA President 2020-2023), Laura R. Graham (SALSA President-Elect 2023-2027), Simone Athayde (Secretary-Treasurer 2022-2025), Juan Alvaro Echeverri (SALSA 2023 Conference Organizer & SALSA Webmaster), Natalia Buitron (SALSA 2023 Academic Program Chair).

Please send all academic inquiries to:
Natalia Buitron, Academic Program Chair (salsaconference2023@gmail.com)

Inquiries about membership and conference registration payments to:
Simone Athayde, SALSA Secretary-Treasurer (salsa.sectreas@gmail.com) and Dana DeLoca, administrative assistant (danadeloca@gmail.com)

Inquiries about hotels, transportation and logistics to:
Gabriel Vargas (gavargas@unal.edu.co)