PATRICK MENGET In Memoriam: 1942-2019

Patrick Menget

Patrick Menget In Memoriam: 1942-2019

Patrick Menget, a student of Claude Lévi-Strauss and the first ethnographer to work with the then-recently contacted Ikpeng people of the Xingu region of Brazil beginning in the late 196os, passed away on April 13 in Budapest. His work on the social and cosmological constitution of lowland South American warfare laid the groundwork for more recent theory surrounding social constructions of the body and predatory ontologies. He was also a passionate and engaged activist for indigenous peoples’ rights, helping establish the French chapter of Survival International, of which he was the diretor for many years.

Read the full homage (in Portuguese) by Oiara Bonilla, former student of Patrick Menget, at Instituto Socioambiental.