CLUB FIGHTERS OF THE AMAZON By G. Verswijver (2018 [1992])

The Club-fighters of the Amazon

The Club-Fighters of the Amazon

Warfare among the Kayapo Indians of Central Brazil

By Gustaaf Verswijver 

Turuti Books, 2018 (new edition of Gustaaf Verswijver’s 1992 monograph)

First published in 1992, The Club-Fighters of the Amazona has been described by Laura Rival (University of Oxford) as “an invaluable contribution to Kayapo ethnography”. Patrick Menget (Université de Paris X) calls it “the first theoretical contribution of significance on warfare in South America”, while Peter Gow (University of St Andrews) referred to it as “a remarkable study of Kayapo warfare, a piece of methodological virtuosity.”

This 2018 re-edition comes with a new preface by Carlos Fausto (Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro). Unlike the previous editions which had a limited distribution, the new edition is now available on

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