Seasonal Media: Radio Savia (10-31-20)

Radio SaviaSeasonal Media: Radio Savia

Juan Castrillón

31 October 2020 (Full Moon)

There is a full moon visible on the sky. This lunar cycle announces a new episode of Radio Savia, a podcast developed by Maytik Avirama, Daniela Fontaine and Carlos Castañeda with a fellowship granted by the Youth Exchange and Women’s Rights Program of the Open Society Foundations. During the last twelve lunar months, Radio Savia have gathered voices, narratives and sounds from feminist leaders working across Latina America. The list of participants includes funding member of La Red Nacional de Parteras de Brazil Suely Carvalho, indigenous leader of the Maya K’iche people Lolita Chávez, funding member of Tz’kat Red de Sanadoras Ancestrales de Guatemala Lorena Cabnal, Afrocolombian leader and singer of the grupo Cantadoras Esperanza y Paz from Tumaco Nurys Angulo, grassroots educator and member of Proceso Campesino y Popular de la Vega Cauca Jimena Hurtado, and midwife and medicine women of the Mapuche Nation María Quiñelen, among many others.

Ana Maytik AviramaDaniela Fontaine Carlos Castañeda

The episodes series combine storytelling, radio art, interviews and thoughtful critique around notions of healing, care and sovereignty of the cuerpo-territorios across the Americas. Nowadays, Radio Savia is the outcome of Maytik Avirama and Daniela Fontaine’s personal interest in sonic ecologies and social mediation in intercultural contexts. Maytik and Daniela met one another during their master program at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and since then they have been collaborating on this podcast that circulates among indigenous and urban audience; sparking interest and reflection on feminist leadership and youth activism through media. Maytik and Daniela envision their work as “the possibility for establishing a bridge between worlds, from a small and invisible connection that goes from sound to orality and embodiment.” They describe themselves as coming from mixed roots and committed to create and circulate resonances integrating radio art to the moon cycle and the multiple layers of women’s current transformations.

In the latest episode (31 Oct 2020), Radio Savia brings Mexican dancer and choreographer Susana Isunza, founder of Ollin Kaos, a cultural association based in Barcelona that promotes Tezkatlipoca traditions from Mazahuas and Otomi communities. Click here to listen!