SHAMANS AND SIBLINGS, by D. Pollock (2023)

Shamans and SiblingsShamans and Siblings

Sorcery, Curing and Personhood Among the Kulina of Western Brazil

By Donald Pollock

Bayside Press, New York, 2023

Shamans and Siblings brings together several articles and essays on the Kulina Indians of western Brazil, written over a period of nearly 40 years. The major focus of this work was Kulina witchcraft, sorcery, shamanism and healing—especially Kulina ethnomedicine—as well as forays into more traditional subjects such as kinship and marriage. The number of anthropologists who have worked among the Kulina has been expanding, so this collection is a simple gesture toward making more easily accessible several articles and essays that may be otherwise difficult to locate, including two or three unpublished essays.

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About the author

Donald Pollock trained as a fine hand bookbinder in the 1970s under Frank Mowery at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., and Tom Albro of the Library of Congress. His work appears in numerous collections, both private and institutional. His research among the Kulina (Madiha) of western Brazil was supported by a variety of grants and fellowships, including Fulbright and The MacArthur Foundation. Pollock was President of SALSA 2001-2002.


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