Alexandra Reichert -Whitten Research Fund 2022

Alexandra ReichertAlexandra Reichert

Winner of the Norm and Sibby Whitten Research Fund 2022-2023


Indigeneity and Interculturalidad: Generating Indigenous Knowledge Exchange to Improve Birth Care in Kichwa and Waorani Communities

This project will investigate understandings and practices about birth in two distinct Indigenous groups in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Kichwa and the Waorani (Huaorani). Interviews with midwives, healers, women, community leaders, government officials and local Indigenous experts will uncover each groups’ birthing struggles, successes, and common practices. Through this work, Allie hopes to create spaces to share birthing expertise and create mutual understanding to address maternal mortality and morbidities that both groups face.

About Alexandra Reichert

Alexandra (Allie) Reichert is a PhD Student in the Anthropology Department at Vanderbilt University. She was granted 900 USD.