SALSA 2023 Family and Childcare

childcareFamily and Child Care

XIV SALSA Biennial Conference

We are organizing a special program to take care of the children of presenters and attendees of the XIV SALSA Conference, so that parents can fully engage in their activities while children are also having an enriching pedagogical experience, for an affordable cost.

The program will be led by a local team of intercultural specialized personnel, bringing into a controlled and secure environment the possibility for children to learn about the people, animals and plants in the Amazonian Forest, including indigenous songs, dances, stories, and foods (locally produced healthy snacks will be available, main meals will not be included). We will take advantage of the campus infrastructure and its forest, where parents will always be close to their children. For older children, we may plan a visit to the local ethnology museum or to easily accessible urban or periurban malocas.

In the case of parents with small babies or toddlers who might wish for a more personalized care, we will be organizing an intercultural daytime service of childminders, also at the campus, and will offer help in finding evening babysitters.

Apart from these paid services for children, we are also organizing a dedicated room for the rest and comfort of breastfeeding mothers (for free).

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SALSA 2023 Family and Childcare Program Committee