Meredith Cristina Castro Rios Whitten Research Fund 2022

Meredith Cristina Castro RiosMeredith Cristina Castro Rios

Winner of the Norm and Sibby Whitten Research Fund 2022-2023


Between smiles and masato: an approach to the ethos of the Shawi people through laughter

Based on the approaches of the anthropology of emotions and the anthropology of humor, this study seeks, through the study of laughter, to approach both the valuations of the Shawi people and the understanding of their ethos, understanding this as their ways of life and behavior. In this sense, through this approach, my research seeks to contribute to the knowledge of local indigenous meanings and to the understanding of the values that govern the social life of the Shawi.

About Meredith Cristina Castro Rios

Meredith Cristina Castro Rios is a master student from the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales FLACSO – Ecuador Campus). She was granted 800 USD.