Luisa Elvira Belaunde – XIV SALSA Conference (2023)

Luisa Elvira BelaundeLuisa Elvira Belaunde

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Fourteenth SALSA Biennial Conference – Amazon Triple Frontier Brazil-Colombia-Peru, 27-30 July 2023

Member of the Peru’s Local Organizing Committee

Luisa Elvira Belaunde is an anthropologist and specialist in indigenous peoples of the Amazon. She did her doctoral research with the Airo Pai (Siekopai, Secoya) of the Peruvian Amazon (1992). Since then she has conducted research with various Peruvian and Brazilian Amazonian indigenous peoples and has carried out consultancies on social aspects of forestry and rural development in Central America, Peru, Boliva and Brazil. From the beginning of her career, sha has focused on gender issues from the perspective of the indigenous peoples and local populations, and this has led her to become interested in the forms of social organization, cosmology, reproductive health, the arts, kinship, the management of environment and sociocultural change favoring the female point of view.
Within the area of ​​indigenous ethnology, she has specialized in female perspectives, both in terms of their own cultural aspects and processes of change, interconnection with national society and interculturality. She has developed comparative studies on Amazonian conceptions of corporality with particular emphasis on indigenous notions of blood as a vector of gender differentiation and transmission of memory made into a gendered body. In the las decades, the proximity to Amazonian thought and creativity has led her to become interested in indigenous arts, especially in the kené shipibo-konibo, on which she wrote a public policy document that culminated in the patrimonialization of indigenous graphics.

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