XIV SALSA Biennial Conference – Reminder Call for Individual Proposals

Natalia Buitron

XIV SALSA Biennial Conference

Reminder Call for Individual Proposals

Natalia Buitron, Academic Program Chair

This is a quick reminder for the call for individual proposals for Panels, Workshops and Special Events of the XIV SALSA Biennial Conference 2023.

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–Jeremy M. Campbell (SALSA President 2020-2023), Laura R. Graham (SALSA President-Elect 2023-2027), Simone Athayde (Secretary-Treasurer 2022-2025), Juan Alvaro Echeverri (SALSA 2023 Conference Organizer & SALSA Webmaster), Natalia Buitron (SALSA 2023 Academic Program Chair).

Please send all inquiries about this conference to: