XIV SALSA Biennial Conference – Keynote Dialogue

Keynote Dialogue SALSA 2023XIV SALSA Biennial Conference

Keynote Dialogue

Tania Stolze Lima & João Paulo Barreto

Banco de la República (Carrera 10 # 10-15), Leticia
Saturday, 29 July, 18:45-20:15 (in Portuguese with simultaneous translation into English and Spanish)


Keynote Speakers

  • João Paulo Barreto, Yepamahsã, researcher at the Núcleo de Estudos da Amazônia Indígena NEAI/UFAM, Brazil.
  • Tania Stolze Lima, Professor at the PPGAS Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Other Anthropologies and their cosmopolitical challenges


Considering both our common interest in anthropological relationships that are neither hierarchical nor extractive, and our intention to situate ourselves within our own existential and research experiences, we intend to build our conversation around issues that affect us with particular force, although not in the same way or for the same reason: the creation of indigenous anthropologies, the risks of capture by academic structures, the critique of the division between ethnography and anthropology, the appropriation of “indigenous worlds,” and their reduction to raw material. The provocation we make to our dear anthropology of the Lowlands of South America is the following: Where did it jump? What other leaps/turns does it feel empowered to take?