Yanomami mothers fight for the right to bury their children during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil (7-24-20)

Amazônia Real’s report located indigenous children buried without their families’ knowledge.

On July 1, a mother of Yanomami ethnicity, and member of the Sanöma subgroup, received her daughter’s body in Onkopiu village, in Brazil, after a two-month wait. The baby died of hydranencephaly and septicaemia in a state hospital at Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima state. According to the state’s Medical Legal Institute, the body was kept all this time in a cold storage facility.

The reason for the delay, according to a document by Brazil’s Indigenous Health Secretariat (Sesai), to which Amazônia Real had access, was that the mother had contracted COVID-19 and been hospitalized. The mother recovered from the illness. The child, though, was not infected, which would make the transfer to the village for the funeral ritual safe.

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