SALSA Elections 2023 (1-8-24)

SALSA Elections 2023SALSA Elections 2023

For 4 Members-at-Large and President 2027-2031

Ballots will be open January 8-22, 2024

SALSA is running online elections for President-elect and 4 board positions January 8-22, 2024. Terms for President-elect and two board positions will begin after elections in January 2024. Terms for two more board positions from this election will begin in January 2025. Active SALSA members are eligible to vote.

We are fortunate to have a terrific slate of candidates!

For President-elect, vote “yes” or “no.” For board positions, vote “yes” for four of the six candidates.  The four candidates with the greatest number of votes will begin board terms in 2024 (two of them) and 2025 (the other two).

Thank you for voting and your participation in SALSA.


Instructions to vote

Thru SALSA Club Express

Go to SALSA Club Express (see image). Ignore the message “There are no surveys yet” and press “Member login“. Give your username and password (if you have forgotten your password, press the link “Forgot my username/password”). Upon entering follow the instructions to cast your vote.

President-Elect 2024-2027

To serve as President 2027-2031

Member-at-large Candidates

(select four)

Link to cast your vote: