INDIGENOUS LIFE PROJECTS AND EXTRACTIVISM ed. by Cecilie Vindal Ødegaard & Juan Javier Rivera Andía (2019, Open access)

Indigenous Life Projects and ExtractivismIndigenous Life Projects and Extractivism

Edited by Cecilie Vindal Ødegaard and Juan Javier Rivera Andía

Palgrave Macmillan, 2019 (ebook, open access)

Exploring indigenous life in encounters with extractivism, Indigenous Life Projects and Extrativism discusses how current turbulences actualise questions of indigeneity, difference and ontological dynamics in the Andes and Amazonia. While studies of extractivism in South America often focus on wider national and international politics, this contribution instead provides ethnographic explorations of indigenous politics, perspectives and worlds, revealing loss and suffering as well as creative strategies to mediate the extralocal. Seeking to avoid conceptual imperialism or the imposition of exogenous categories, the chapters are grounded in the respective authors’ long-standing field research. The authors examine the reactions (from resistance to accommodation), consequences (from anticipation to rubble) and materials (from fossil fuel to water) diversely related to extractivism in rural and urban settings. How can Amerindian strategies to preserve localised communities in extractivist contexts contribute to ways of thinking otherwise?

About the author

Juan Javier Rivera Andia is Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) at the Department of Anthropology of America of the University of Bonn and Lecturer in the Catholic University of Peru. He holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

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