Guiana Archaeology Meeting

Guiana Archaeology MeetingGuiana Archaeology Meeting – October 2016

A Guiana Archaeology Meeting or plenary is estimated in light of the recent developments within the archaeology in Guiana (a.k.a. “the Guianas” or “the Guiana Shield”, i.e., Venezuela east of the Orinoco, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Brazil east of the Rio Negro and north of the Amazon). This will be the first international meeting focusing exclusively on the archaeology of Guiana and providing a trans-boundary platform to assess and reflect upon the status quo and the future of archaeology in Guiana, northern Amazonia.

Day 1: 15 minutes presentations on the current state of affairs. Each country will have (a) representative(s) providing an overview of the history of the archaeology in the respective country or region. Additionally, thematic subjects such as pottery analysis, stone implements, rock art, terra preta, archaeological collections in the museum, etc., will be addressed.
Because pottery is one of the most important features in Guiana archaeology it is anticipated to have a distinctive plenary/workshop to reassess former, present, and alternative models for pottery analysis and terminologies used.
Day 2: 15 minutes presentations on archaeological research conducted in the twenty-first century, and how the new data gathered demands for new models to interpret the archaeological record. Next to the pre-Columbian or prehistoric archaeology, presentations on Maroon archaeology, historical plantation archaeology, industrial archaeology, and the emerging ‘archaeology of engagement’ are very much welcomed.
Day 3: Because each of the relevant countries is in a different stage of the development of its archaeological services, it would be a fruitful opportunity to reassess policies and practices, and to discuss trans-boundary collaboration across existing borders (archaeological assemblages often cross national boundaries) and within contested areas (some archaeological sites are located within areas claimed by more than one country).

A short excursion to a nearby historical archaeological site (Fort New Amsterdam or Joden Savanne) is anticipated on the afternoon/evening of Day 2. Additionally, excursions to more remote archaeological sites may be accommodated (on your own expenses) on Day 4.

See also: Arcaheological Agenda in the Guianas by Renzo Duin.