IGNITION by Juan Castrillón

Ignition Juan CastrillónIgnition

A film by Juan Castrillón

The film Ignition with accompanying text has been published at OSCILLATIONS, an online platform for Non-Standard Experiments in Anthropology, the Social Sciences, and Cosmology. Ignition was directed by multimodal anthropologist Juan Carlos Castrillón Vallejo in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Hewlett, and produced in 2021 for the XIII Biennial Conference of the Society for Anthropology of Lowland South America (SALSA).
Ignition features a posthumous retrospective of two Colombian painters, Alberto Vélez and Roberto Osorio who worked extensively in Colombian Lowlands, the acknowledgement of the international genealogy of anthropologists who have studied the Amazon, and the ancestral presence of the slaved laborers who built the Brooks Hall at the University of Virginia.